Connecting Portfolio Products to Learning Site Articles
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Connecting Portfolio Products to Learning Site Articles

The SIMS Portal hosts a portfolio of products from past activations in order to showcase our best work and help connect remote supporters with existing resources to remix for their own purposes. The SIMS learning helps us document processes, provide walkthroughs, connect people with standard operating procedures, and more. If you post a product to the SIMS Portal and want to share a walkthrough of how you made it so that others in the network can learn from you, we can link the two so that viewers can easily find that guide when browsing the portfolio on the Portal.

At present, a Portal administrator needs to manually add that connection via the admin portal. The admin will need the post ID—available when you view the table of EazyDocs (using the “Classic UI” setting)—to create the linkage. To do so, navigate to the admin portal, click “Admin Backend”, click “Portfolio”, find the relevant product, and click the pen icon to edit the record. Find the km_article_id field, and insert the post ID. It will now provide a link on the product’s page.

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